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Streamline Online Meetings with Ease

Written by Bob Foreman
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We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Innform's new Call Booking feature, designed to simplify the process of scheduling and managing online meetings. Whether you need to organise a single call or set up multiple or recurring time slots, this feature empowers administrators to streamline their virtual interactions and learners to choose their preferred time slots.

Let's dive into how admins can leverage this powerful tool.

1. Creating a New Call

Simple and Convenient To create a new call, admins can navigate to the Create section in Innform and select "Create Content". Within the content creation interface, admins will find the option to create a call. By clicking on it, they can initiate the setup process for their online meeting.

2. Configuring Call Details

Admins can begin by adding a title and description to provide context and information about the call. Next, they can select their preferred online meeting provider from the available options: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or a custom link. This flexibility ensures seamless integration with your preferred virtual meeting platform.

3. Recording Sessions

For enhanced accessibility, admins have the option to enable session recording. However, please note that session recording is only available for paid Microsoft Teams and Zoom accounts. Enabling this feature allows users who couldn't join the call to rewatch the session at a later stage and complete any necessary tasks.

4. Setting Time Slots

Admins can define the time slots for the call. Depending on their requirements, they can choose to create a single time slot or multiple time slots. For each time slot, admins can specify the start and end dates, as well as the start and end times. This flexibility ensures that calls are scheduled efficiently and accommodate participants' availability.

5. Recurring Calls and User Limits

Innform's Call Booking feature also supports recurring calls. Admins can set up calls to recur at specific intervals, saving time and effort for regularly scheduled meetings. Additionally, admins have the option to define a user limit for each call, ensuring optimal participation and manageable group sizes.

Integrate calls in our Automation features

Multi-timeslot calls can be seamlessly integrated into other Innform automation features such as Learning Paths, Blended Learning, and Onboarding. This enables admins to create comprehensive training experiences that incorporate scheduled online meetings for a well-rounded learning journey.

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