Create an online Meeting / Call
Written by Bob Foreman
Updated over a week ago

To create an online meeting on Innform take the following steps:

  1. Login to the Admin area

  2. Visit the "Create" section`

  3. Select "Create Content" > "Call"

  4. Fill out the call details

    1. Using a Zoom or Teams account: If you own a Zoom or Microsoft Teams account, you can connect the account and create calls directly through the Innform platform. You can connect your account by clicking on the "Connect Zoom or Microsoft Teams Account" button. If your account is already connected, the system will select it by default.

    2. Using a different tool: If you are using a different tool (e.g. Google Meet, GoToMeeting, etc.) you can generate the meeting in your tool and paste the link in the "Call link" field.

  5. Once you created your call, assign students using the assign icon on the call card

  6. Invited users will receive a call invitation by Email including all call details

Note: The "Join Call" button for learners will be activated one hour before the call starts


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