With Integrations, you can connect Innform with software you already use. This will speed up your workflow and make it easier for learners to connect with the LMS, and for admins to move information into or out of the system.

Examples of useful integrations:

  • Invite a large number of learners in seconds by connecting Innform to payroll, HR or Email platforms.

  • Import your training content with one click by integrating Innform with your file repository services, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Send a messages to admins when Innform assignments are completed, on messaging tools like Slack or Microsoft teams.

Innform offers useful integrations right out of the box using Zapier. To use any of these integrations, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Accounts Settings

  2. Click on the Integrations tab

  3. In the Zapier section, choose an integration and click Use this Zap

  4. Follow the Zapier instructions to set up your integration

With Innform, you can connect your online meeting provider to the LMS in order to set up live training sessions with your learners. To connect your Zoom or Microsoft Teams account to Innform:

  1. Go to your Accounts Settings

  2. Click on the Integrations tab

  3. In the Online meetings providers section, select Connect zoom account or Connect Microsoft account

  4. Follow the instructions provided

If you would like more help on this topic, please get in touch with us via the help button on the top right of the Innform admin section.

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