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How can I create a new Learning Path?
How can I create a new Learning Path?

A Learning path is a series of multiple training items that can be sent to a learner with one assignment.

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Learning paths are a great way to automate your training.

They allow you to share a batch of training courses, manuals or quizzes with your learners with just one assignment.

Learners have to proceed through the learning path in a sequential order, and only when the previous item is completed.

How to set up a learning path:

1) Go to the Automate section
2) Click on New learning path

3) Give you new learning path a title

4) Start adding the training items that will make up this learning path by searching through your library. (Search results will include training items created by you, and readymade courses created by Innform)

5) Once you've added all the training items, and decided on their order, click Assign people to assign your new learning path to your learners.

Note: You can reorder the list of training items by dragging and dropping them using the dotted bar on the left of every card.

For more help on how to assign a training item to your learners, click here.

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