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How does a Blended Learning Session work?

A Blended Learning Session allows you to combine multiple learning elements (eLearning courses, online meetings / calls & on-site sessions) into one linked session. Each element has a start and end date assigned to properly schedule each step of your blended learning session.

What content types can be used in a Blended Learning Session?

  1. eLearning Courses

  2. Standalone Quizzes

  3. Online Meetings / Calls

  4. On-Site Sessions

Email notifications for the learners

The learners will be be informed about each part of the session by automated Emails:

  1. Welcome Email: Summary of all elements of the Blended learning session

  2. Reminder Emails: 1 hour before the start of each session the learners will receive a reminder

  3. Completion & Next step Emails: At the end of a session element (e.g. completion of eLearning module) the learner will receive a confirmation email of the completed session as well as information about the next upcoming module.

  4. Summary Email: After completing all elements of the Blended learning session, the learner will receive a summary Email about the different modules which were completed.

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