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How can I automate Onboarding with Innform?
How can I automate Onboarding with Innform?

An onboarding bundle is a series of training items that can be automatically assigned to learners, by group or property.

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Onboarding bundles are a great way to automate your onboarding process.

This feature allows admins to automatically assign training courses, manuals, quizzes or learning paths to learners on a group or property level.

Admins have the possibility to define whether learners are assigned to the training items immediately (when they join Innform OR as soon as they finish the previous assignment) or after a set number of days (for example, 2 days after the join Innform or finish their previous assignment)

How to set up an onboarding bundle:

1) Go to the Automate
2) Click on Onboarding > New Onboarding

3) Add a title

4) Start adding the training items that will make up this onboarding bundle by searching through your library.

5) For each training item, choose whether they should be assigned immediately or after a set amount of days after they join Innform OR finish their previous assignment.

6) Choose the Groups and Properties that this onboarding bundle should be assign to.

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