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Assign trainers to your training items and delegate training efforts.
Assign trainers to your training items and delegate training efforts.

You can delegate your training efforts by inviting other trainers to your organization and assigning them to training items.

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With Innform, you can invite Trainers to join your team. Trainers are users with limited admin access, who can be in charge of particular training items, track and review their results, manage certification and message learners.

If given the access rights, trainers can create and edit training items, and assign them to their pool of learners.

When inviting a Trainer into your Innform account, you can specify which groups and/or properties that trainer is able to have access to. This means trainers will not be able to see other learners outside of their mandated user base.

To invite a Trainer to your platform and assign them to a group or property:

  1. Go to your People section

  2. Click on Add Person

  3. Fill in the Trainer's details

  4. Check the 'Trainer' option in the Roles and Permissions settings

  5. Select the automated training content that this trainer will have access to

  6. Locate the training item that the trainer will have access to using the fields

  7. Choose which groups and properties the trainer will have access to

  8. Click on Send Invite

To add a Trainer from a training item settings screen:

  1. Go to the Create section

  2. Select or create a Training item

  3. In the Basic Information section, scroll down to find the Add Trainer section

  4. Turn this setting ON and choose the trainer using the field provided

If you need any assistance with adding your Trainers to Innform, feel free to get in touch with us via the help section on the top right of the admin section.

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