How do I add admins on Innform?

You can add an unlimited number of admins to your Innform account

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With Innform you can add admins individually, or by using the bulk import feature.

This article explains how to add admins individually (one by one) from the People section.

How to add admins to Innform:

1) Go to the People section and click the Add Person button

2) Fill in the form with the admin's full name and email. The email will be used later for the admin to log into their Innform account. The admin will also receive their Innform invitation via this email.

Note: If the admin does not have an email address, or wishes not to use it, you can add them using their mobile number instead.

3) If you choose to include the admin's mobile number, they can use it to log into Innform. They will also receive their Innform invitation via SMS (for this, you will need to check the box underneath the mobile number field.)

Note: In this case, you can leave the email field empty. If you include an email, Innform will use this as default login information.

4) Select the language you'd like the invitation to be in. This will also be the language of the admin's Innform account, which they can change at any point from their accounts settings.

5) Link the admin to a property. Properties help you organise people on Innform, simplify tracking, fast-track assignments and automate compliance.

If you haven't created your properties yet, you can still complete the form and link the learner to a property at a later stage from the People section.

Note: This property will be the admin's primary location, ie, the place where they will work from or are associated with. It does NOT mean this admin will be in control of this property. This will be possible at a later stage in the form.

6) Specify a group. This is an optional field. Groups will help you break down your entire workforce into specific departments, teams or groups. You can assign admins to groups to delegate training tasks on Innform.

Note: These are the groups this admin is part of, ie, the departments, teams or activities they are part of or are associated with. It does NOT mean this admin will be in control of this group. This will be possible at a later stage in the form.

7) On Innform, a person can be either a learner, an admin, or a super admin (the Account owner with all privileges). When adding people, the 'Learner' option is pre-selected. You will need to change this. Choose Admin from the list.

You can specify which Properties and Groups this admin will have access to from the Innform admin section. An admin can manage properties and the people within them. An admin can add/remove people to and from groups, but is unable to create the groups structure. This can only be done by Super Admins.

8) When you've inputed the admin's information, click Send invite. The admin will receive the invitation by email, or by SMS if this is the option you chose.

Note: If you upgrade your account, your account will be billed with every person added to the platform. You can read more about billing in another article and on our pricing page. If you'd like to ask questions about billing, please visit our help area.

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