How do I create a new course module?

Courses are made of Modules and Quizzes.

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Each modules is a part, or a chapter within that course. This is where all of your content will be included.

Modules are further subdivided into sections. This makes it easy for you to reorder your content later, and for learners to navigate through the module.

How to create a module:

1) Click add from the left-hand-side panel, just beneath the ‘basic information’ tab

2) Give your new module a title and a description (this is optional)

3) To add content into your module, create new section by clicking the plus sign at the centre of the screen

4) Give you section a title (optional)

5) Start adding content like text, images, videos, files or interactive content like Hotspot images.

Note: With Innform you can upload your own images and videos while building the course. You can use them right there and then, or access them later from the file repository. If you do not have your own images to use, you can use our free photos service by click the tab on the right of your files.

You can preview your course at any point by clicking on preview on the top right of the screen. Additionally you can also undo & redo any actions.

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