How do I create a new course?

With Innform, you can create an unlimited number of customised courses of any size.

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Let's take a look at how you can create a custom course using Innform.

Courses are made up of:

  • Modules

  • Quizzes (assessments)

In this article, we'll focus on how to create the overall course. You can think of this as a collection of modules and quizzes, and it is mainly made up of a course title, course image, a description in other information like course category and duration.

We cover how to create modules and quizzes in their respective articles.

Creating a new course

1) Click Create from the top menu

2) You will see your Courses (including Innform’s demo courses). To create a new one, click Create content from the top right of the screen.

3) Choose Course from the list of training content types

4) Give your new course a title and click continue

5) Add a course description, image, choose a course category and estimated time needed for the course to be completed. Note that you can come back and edit these details at any point.

6) At this stage the basic course file is created and already available to you in your Create section.

Note: Innform will autosave your progress as you work through your course. You can confirm whether your progress was autosaved from the saved status on the top of the screen.

Next, you can add content to your course by adding modules and assessments. 

Modules and Quizzes can be reordered simply by dragging them up or down the list.

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