How do I build a Quiz on Innform?

If you need to test your learner's knowledge, you can add an assessment to your course.

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Quizzes can consist of different question types.

Each question can be assigned points. This allows you to track your learners' results later when they have completed the course.

To create a quiz:

1) Create a new course or open an existing course.

2) Click on "Add" on the left hand side and select "Quiz".

3) Give your quiz a title and a description.

4) The new quiz contains a first empty question by default. Give this question a title and optionally points

5) Select whether this question should be a single-choice question or another question type.

5) If you choose a single-choice question, fill in the possible answers in the answer boxes.

6) Select the correct answer from the list by marking the option as correct.

7) To add another question, either use the "Import" button to import questions from the question library or use the "New question" button.

Note: You can add more than two answers by clicking the add another answer button that is located under the possible answer options

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