How do I style course modules on Innform?

Learn how to style text, upload videos & images and attach files to your modules.

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The Innform course builder is equipped with styling and upload features to help you create customised courses that are full of useful, accessible information.

The following is a list of tools you can access from the authoring tool:

1) Module building basics
Use these tools to set up your module titles and add new sections.

2) Image tools
Upload your images while building the module using these tools. You can also access images which are already stored in your asset manager.

The Innform authoring tool provides access to thousands of free images too. Click on the Free photos tab to search through the image library.

3) File attachment tool
You can upload files like PDFs or PPTs. They will appear as links and can be downloaded by learners when clicked.

4) Video upload tool
Upload videos by clicking on the video icon. The videos must be compressed and in MP4 format.

5) Dividers
Dividers help you further sub divide a section when the information needs to be organised.

6) Text formatting tools
Highlighting the text will toggle formatting tools.

7) Other text styling options
t can be styled into numbered and bulleted lists, highlighted, quoted or turned into a hyperlink using the formatting bar.

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