Creating a new course:

STEP 1: If you are an admin, log in to the Innform control panel. Navigate to the 'Courses' tab in the Training section and click on the New course button.

STEP 2: Give your course a title and click create.

Note: Innform will automatically save your progress as you build your course. To leave your course and return to it later, click the 'Save and return to Courses' button on the top right of the screen.

STEP 3: Input in your course settings. 

a) Language: If you wish to create the course in multiple languages, you can use the language toggle on the top left of the screen to add more languages. You can toggle between these selections to input the content in the selected languages at any point. The course will automatically become available to your learners in their preferred language.

Note: The course builder will always use your default language as the primary language of that course. If you wish to change your default language you can do so from company settings.

b) Finish inputting course details, including a course description (this will accompany the course title and course image on the learner's training app), Categories (this will help learners find courses on their learning app), a Cover image and an option course duration (how long you think your learners will need to complete the course).

Once you're finished, click next to proceed to building your course.

STEP 4: A course is made up of two things: Modules and/or Quizzes. Start building your course by adding a module.

Note: Both Modules and Quizzes are optional. This means you can create a course with just modules, or just quizzes, depending on what you need to accomplish with your training.

When you add a module to a course, an authoring area will show up on the left. Use this authoring tool to create titles, rich text paragraphs, add images and videos. You can drag and drop any item to change its location on the screen.

Note: Modules are organised in sections. Create sections to guide your learner through the various parts that make up that module.

STEP 5: You can now add a quiz (optional). To do so, click the 'add quiz' button and create a new quiz. A panel on the left will allow you to add questions, multiple choice answers and attach images or videos to each questions.

Note: You can reuse every module and quiz in later courses by choosing existing module/quiz form the new module/quiz dropdown and select the one you'd like to add. Adding categories to modules and quizzes will help you find them easier later.

STEP 6: Once you are happy with your course content, click next to invite staff to your course. Input the names of the learners you'd like to invite and click send invitation. At this point, your staff members will receive their new course in their Innform app.

STEP 7: Once your new course starts being completed by your staff, you will start receiving real-time reporting on the right hand side of the screen in the Courses section. Toggle through courses to view results from every course.

Note: If you'd like to repurpose a Readymade Innform course for your staff, simply edit that course to bring it line with your training, then invite your team in the normal way. To keep the original Innform course in tact, you can also duplicate the course, rename it and edit it separately.

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