One way of sharing knowledge with your learners is by creating and sharing courses.

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Creating a new course:

STEP 1: If you are an admin, log in to the Innform admin area. Navigate to the Create section and click on the Create content button.

STEP 2: Select Course and give your course a title. Click create.

Note: Innform will automatically save your progress as you build your course. To leave your course and return to it later, click the 'Save and exit' button on the top right of the screen.

STEP 3: Input in your course settings.ย 

a) Content library: Choose whether you'd like your new course to be part of an on-demand training library which you learners can access from their Learning Area.

b) Convert to Manual: The course can automatically convert itself into a Manual after the learners complete the course successfully. The Manual will contain all the content from the course, will be searchable and would not contain quizzes.

c) Quiz settings: Choose to randomise the quiz answers, or to provide learners with the correct answer each time they answer a question incorrectly.

d) Certification: Generate a unique, downloadable certificate for each learner who successfully completes the course.
โ€‹STEP 4: A course is made up of two things: Modules and/or Quizzes. Start building your course by adding a module.

Note: Both Modules and Quizzes are optional. This means you can create a course with just modules, or just quizzes, depending on what you need to accomplish with your training.

Start by clicking the 'Add +' button on the left hand side of the screen, and select 'Module'. When creating a module, use the Innform authoring tool to add titles, rich text paragraphs, images, videos, powerpoint presentations, embedded content and more. You can drag and drop any item to change its location on the screen.

Note: Modules are organised in sections. Create sections to guide your learner through the various parts that make up that module.

STEP 5: You can now add a quiz (optional). To do so, click the 'Add +' button on the left hand side of your screen and select 'add quiz'. A new quiz will appear on the right. Give your quiz a title and a description (optional), and then start adding your questions. You can add a variety of question types: Multiple choice questions, Single choice, Image questions, Open ended, True or False, Fill in the Blanks, Ordering questions.

STEP 6: Once you are happy with your course content, Save and Exit your course and navigate to the 'Create' section to start assigning your new course to your learners.

STEP 7: Once your new course starts being completed by your staff, you will start receiving real-time reporting in your Track section. Learners can also rate your course and leave feedback at the end of each course.

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