You can give your learners access to a selection, or your entire training library and Innform's readymade courses. This means your learners can engage in self-initiated training, and learn on their own steam, beyond the training items that you assign to them.

Follow these steps to give your learners access into the training library from their learning area.

1) Click on your name on the top right, and select Account Settings

2) Click on Make content library accessible to learners

3) Innform organises your training items into two broad categories: a) Innform readymade courses and b) Courses created by your company.

Choose the library you want to make accessible.

At this stage, you can also choose the specific training items that you want to make visible to your learners. Click the 'x' next to the titles to hide that item, or search for ones you want to show.

When you are ready, click Save.

4) Your learners can now access these training items from the Explore section on their learning area.

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