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The Learning Area: Your learning
The Learning Area: Your learning
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The Learn section of your Learning Area is where all your assignments are listed. You are able to start, pause and return to the assignments at any time before the assignment's deadline.

Start an Assignment

To start an assignment, scroll to the "Start learning" section on the Learn area, and click Start.

Continue an Assignment

If you leave an assignment (like a course) without completing it, you can come back to complete it at a later stage. It will be paused, and you can resume it from where you left off. Simply navigate to the Learn section and click Continue.

Filter your list of Assignments

You can filter your list of assignments down to specific categories. This helps you organize your learning view and only see those assignments that you are interested in at that moment.

If you need further help with the Learn section of your Learning Area, please contact your admin for guidance.

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