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How Do I Start A Blended Learning Sessions
How Do I Start A Blended Learning Sessions
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Blended learning sessions are simply a bundle of courses, quizzes, training calls, on-site training sessions and manuals.

To access a blended learning session, simply navigate to the Learn section of your Learning area. Blended learning sessions are labelled as such. You will be able to see the different courses, quizzes, calls, on-site sessions and manuals that make up the blended learning session, from the card it self.

Click Start or continue to access the Blended learning session.

Most of the time, blended learning items include a date and time, and sometimes are linked to a physical location. You will need to meet all these criteria in order to access the item.

Sometimes, blended learning items include preparatory files like PDFs or assignments like courses, that you would need to complete ahead of your session.

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