The learning area Home is your learning dashboard. Here, you will find your latest assignments, announcements and notifications. You will also be able to track your points, badges and your position on the leaderboard.

Latest assignments

You latest assignments can be found from the Home section of your Learning Area. You will also receive an email once a new assignment is sent to you. To start an assignment, click the Start button.

Announcements and messages

Announcement and messages from your trainers can be sent from time to time. You will receive an email each time an announcement or message is sent to you, but they can be also accessed from the Home section of your Learning Area.

Points, badges and leaderboards

Sometimes, when you finish an assignment you will receive points. Points, when accumulated, will help you climb up the leaderboard.

Note: Not every Learning Area will include such features like Points and Badges.

If you need help with the Home section of your learning area, please contact your admin for guidance.

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