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How does the Learning area look like?
How does the Learning area look like?

The learning area is a simple learning experiencing that focuses on a list of training assignments.

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With Innform, learners have access to a straightforward learning experience. Let's take a closer look.

1) The Home screen

The Learning area is focused around a list which is a list of courses assigned to the learner by the admin. It also includes gamification features such a leaderboard, points and badges.

2) Learning Paths

Learning paths are an automated series of training items that are assigned to the learners with one click. The learners will need to finish a training item before proceeding to the next.ย 

3) The training library

Learners can self-initiate learning using the Explore section. Admins can choose which readymade courses or training items the learner has access to. This can be done from the Account settings in the admin area.

4) Course information

Each course includes a description and a list of modules.

5) Readymade courses

Innform's courses come with videos, text, images, powerpoint presentations and more. Learners will be required to finish a module before proceeding to the next.

6) Navigation

Learners can navigate around a course using the left-hand-side navigation. Learners will need to complete the module before clicking on it directly.

7) Learning is self-paced

Learners can pause and return to training at any time, both in the case of readymade courses, and customised training.

8) Assessments

Courses can have a quiz (an assessment). Admins can attach a quiz within modules, or at the end of every customised course.

9) Training history and completion records

Learners have access to the learning history, certificates and results. Learners can also track their progress from the Results section.

10) Profile settings

Learners can update their password or language from their profile settings.

11) Gamification

Gamification features includes points, a leaderboard and badges.

12) Leaderboard

Learners can check their rank from the Leaderboard section. The rank calculation is based on the points that the learner gets when completing training items.

13) Announcements

Learners can receive announcements from Admins on the learning area. Admins can send announcements from the People section in the Innform Admin area.

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