How Do I Set A Passmark For A Course?
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Passmarks are a great way for admins to set up course certification or automatic reassignments in case of learners failing a course.

To set up a passmark, you will first need to add a quiz with at least one question to your course. Note, that open ended questions do not contribute towards a passmark as they are not evaluated by Innform.

To set up a quiz:

  1. Click the Add button on the left hand side of the authoring tool

  2. Click on Quiz

  3. Add a new question or Import one from the question library

To set up a Passmark:

  1. Create a course and access the Basic Information section of the course

  2. Input the passmark in the 'Passmark' field.

You can now make use of the Certification and Auto Reassignment features.

If you need any help using this feature, simply click the Help button from the top right of the admin area.

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