How to Automatically Reassign Courses
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With Innform, an admin can set a course to be automatically reassigned to a learner when the learner fails the course.

To set up automatic reassignments on your courses, follow these steps:

  1. Create a course and access the course Basic Information section

  2. Start by entering a Passmark. Note that automatic reassignments require a passmark in order to work.

  3. Once a passmark is set, scroll down to find Auto reassignment and turn it on

  4. Input the Number of auto reassignments for that particular course

The training item will be automatically reassigned if the learner fails to reach the passmark. Admins do not need to take any action until the number of auto reassignments are exhausted.

If you need any help using this feature, simply click the Help button from the top right of the admin area.

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