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How can I see my learners' quiz results?

To view the results of a completed course or quiz, click the View Results button next to the assignment.

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Here's how you can view the results of a completed course in Innform:

  1. Go to Track

  2. Find the assignment/s in question by using the search and filter features

  3. Click View Results on the right of the completed assignment

Note: If the course does not have a quiz associated to it, no results will be generated.

Once on the results page, you can view each quiz result, colour coded in green or red: Answered correctly or Incorrectly, respectively. If there are multiple quizzes on screen, the different quiz results will be available within different accordions.

In cases where the learner takes the course and quizzes multiple times, Innform will store the different quiz results on this same page. They will be accessible via a dropdown menu on the top left of the screen and will be organised by date and time.

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