With the 14-day trial of Innform Pro, you can try to:

  1. Create training items with the authoring tool

  2. Upload your SCORM files

  3. Invited an unlimited number of learners

  4. Invited an unlimited number of admins

  5. Create assignments with deadlines

  6. Set up automation like Learning Paths and Blended Learning

  7. Set up properties, groups and tracking

  8. Change your brand logo and colours

  9. Set up and try Gamification

  10. Create quizzes and try certification

  11. Track your learners from one place

  12. Provide learners with an On-Demand training section

To request a Free 14 day trial, you can use one of our support channels:

  1. Click on Help from your Profile menu and talk with someone from the team.

  2. Book a call with us from your Innform dashboard

  3. Email us on support[at]innform.io

Are you an Enterprise looking for customisations and premium support? Learn more about our Enterprise offering here.

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