What is an Active User?

Active users have access to their admin or learning area. Inactive users have had their access temporarily or permanently deactivated.

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Active users are admins or learners who have access to their Innform account. Their access is controlled by admins. 

Active learners are billed for on a monthly or annual basis, depending on which type of Plan you are on. If you deactivate a user, you will no longer pay for that user.

The advantages of only paying for active learners are the following:

  • You can choose to Freeze (deactivate) any user's account at any given time. This will temporarily pause that user's monthly or annual cost and will not feature in the next billing cycle.

  • You can schedule to freeze an active user ahead of time, thereby preparing for low seasons and other budgetary controls

  • Paying only for active users means you can retain the data and information of any inactive user until you decide to either reactivate them back into the system, or permanently delete their account.

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