How are Add-ons billed?

Add-ons are billed on an individual active user level and are added to your monthly or annual bill in addition to your current plan.

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With Innform, you can activate add-ons to add to your platform. These are billed in addition to your base plans.

After having upgraded to either the Starter, Essential or Pro plan, you can activate the following add-ons:

  • Innform Skills Course Library

An add-on comes at a per-person cost, based on the number of active learners on your platform. This cost, which is billed monthly or annually based on the type of plan you are on, is added to your base plan bill.

For example:

If you have 100 active user on the Essential plan, which is priced at £2 per active user per month, you will be paying £200 on a monthly basis.

If you choose to activate the Innform Skill Courses add-on, which is priced at £2 per active user per month, you will pay a further £200 on a monthly basis.

This means, that your monthly total will be that of £400. (Your Essential Plan + Innform Skill Courses add-on)

Note: Scalable pricing applies.

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