How do I assign a course to my learners?

When you are finished with creating or uploading a course, you can assign it to your learners with a few clicks.

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To assign any course on Innform, you will first need to add your learners onto the platform.

Read our guide to adding learners on Innform.

How to assign courses to your learners:

1) Find the course you want to assign

2) Click the Assign course button at the bottom of the card (If you are browsing the Explore section, you will need to open the course first by click the View course button at the bottom of the card)

3) Choose the learners you want to assign the course to. If you organised your learners by groups and properties, you can first filter the list to narrow down your search. You can add people individually by clicking Add, or add the entire list by clicking Select all.

4) Click the Assign to people button to finish your assignment

Once you have completed your assignment, you can review the progress from the Track section.


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