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How can I contact Innform about Enterprise upgrades and customisations?
How can I contact Innform about Enterprise upgrades and customisations?

Innform offers special packages and customisations for Enterprise customers

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Innform is the ideal platform for large companies, and is designed to handle thousands of learners across countries, cities, languages and departments.

Here's a few ways we can help Enterprise customers:

  1. Build special integrations to connect Innform with other software the organisation already uses, ex: Payroll and HR software

  2. Develop customisations to make Innform fit perfectly with a company's workflow.

  3. Migrate existing training items into Innform, ex: SCORM files

  4. Create new training items using the Innform authoring tool to help large companies get their L&D programs set up faster

  5. Import thousands of users into Innform to help Admins set up Innform

  6. Offer premium support to guarantee the smooth implementation and running of Innform

  7. Set up SSO for your company

  8. White labelling and further visual customisations

  9. Update URL and custom domain name

  10. Change the layout of the learner dashboard

  11. Update logo and brand colours

If you'd like to start using Innform in your large organisation, or seek our support with any of the items listed above, you can use one of our support channels:

  1. Click on Help from your Profile menu and talk with someone from the team.

  2. Book a call with us from your Innform dashboard

  3. Email us on sales[at]

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