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How can I review open ended questions and learner uploads?
How can I review open ended questions and learner uploads?

Learners can answer open ended questions and upload files. These type of learner submissions are not automatically reviewed by Innform.

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In Innform you can ask learners to submit text as well as upload files (images, videos, documents) as part of a quiz. Admins have the possibility to choose if submitted content needs to be reviewed and rated, or not. This is done by choosing the "Upload a file" question type when creating a quiz question.

Admins can also choose to include a mandatory upload field with any other question type, by selecting the "Include a mandatory upload field for the learner" option when creating a question.

Create a quiz / course with an Open-ended question or File upload question type

  1. Create a standalone quiz or a quiz within a course.

  2. In the course or quiz basic settings, choose whether the submissions should be reviewed and rated by Admins.

  3. Add a new question

  4. Select "Open text"or "File upload" as the required question type

  5. If the learners require instructions for their upload, those can be added in the instructions field

Please note: When creating a new courses, review mode will be automatically activated. If you wish to not review and score submissions, you will need to deactivate by switching it off from the course settings section.

Here's how to review submitted content

  1. Visit the Track section

  2. Items that need to be reviewed are labeled with the "Review" status

  3. Click on the Review button

  4. Review the submitted items one by one

  5. If required, you can submit additional comments

  6. Once the review is submitted, the learner will received an automated Email with the results and the system will mark the course as Done. The system will mark the course as Failed (If a passmark was set) if the user did not pass.

Review mode for learners:

From time to time, your learners will be required to upload files or answer open-ended questions while doing a quiz. When learners submit text or files and finish the course, they will be notified that the course will be reviewed by an admin before marked as completed.

Learners can be asked to answer an open ended question:

Learners can be asked to upload an image, video or document:

Once the course is complete, learners are notified that their results are under review:

Once the course is reviewed by an admin, the learner will receive an email notification to inform them of the result. The learners are able to access the results and view any feedback or score left by the admin.

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