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How do I set up Properties?

You can organise you learners and admins by multiple physical properties (ex: Hotels, restaurants or bars)

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With Innform, you can organise your entire list of learners into properties. Properties are the physical locations that the learner is working at, or are associated with. These include hotels, restaurants, bars etc.

Properties help you keep your list of learners organised, but there are other benefits:

  • Bulk-assign learning material to individual properties with a few clicks

  • Use the property filter to track your learner's progress one property at a time

  • Organise and track your entire organisation's compliance from one screen

How to create a property:

1) Click add property on the People section

2) Define the property name (the address can be selected from this list)

3) Define the property address if this was not automatically selected

4) Assign the admin/s who will be managing the learners in this property

5) Click create. You new property will appear in the properties list.

How to add learners to a property:

1) Select the people from your People list and click the edit property button

2) Use the dropdown menu to choose the correct property

3) Click save. The users's property will be listed in the Property column.

Note: Learners can only be assigned to one property.

To make the best out of the Properties feature, use the new filters to narrow down your search on the People and Track section. You can filter by Country, City and Property.

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