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Innform's Gamification features
Innform's Gamification features
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Our Pro Plan comes with a set of gamification features that are designed to enhance the learning experience and make it more engaging and fun. These features include a point-based leaderboard, badges, and quiz battles.


The point-based leaderboard is a great way to encourage healthy competition among learners. Users earn points for completing courses, answering quiz questions correctly, and other achievements. These points are tallied up and displayed on a leaderboard, which can be used company-wide or per property. This allows learners to see how they stack up against their colleagues, creating a sense of healthy competition and motivation to excel.


Badges are another gamification feature that can be awarded to learners who successfully complete courses or achieve other milestones. These badges are digital representations of achievements, and can be displayed on a user's profile. This provides a sense of recognition and accomplishment, and can motivate learners to continue learning and improving their skills.

Quiz Battles

Quiz battles are a fun and exciting way for learners to test their knowledge and compete against each other. A quiz battle consist of three rounds of four questions each, with the winner being the user who answers the most questions correctly. This feature is perfect for creating a sense of friendly competition and encouraging learners to improve their knowledge and skills.


Our gamification features are a great way to make learning more engaging, fun, and rewarding. Whether you're a learner looking to improve your skills or a company looking to encourage healthy competition among employees, our Pro Plan gamification features are a great way to achieve your goals.

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