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How Do I Complete A Course?
How Do I Complete A Course?
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When an admin assigns you to a course, you will receive an email with instructions on how to start the course. Click Start course to be taken to the course intro screen.

To start a course from the Learning Area, navigate to your Learn section. Find the course and click Start.

To complete a module within a course, you will need to read through, or watch all of the training on the screen. Once you reach the bottom of the module, you will be able to proceed to the next module by clicking the next arrow. You can go back to the previous module at any time.

Sometimes a course will also include a quiz. To complete a quiz, simply click start quiz when the button presents it self. Complete all of the questions in that quiz before proceeding to the next module or the end of the course.

Once you complete a course, you will sometimes be required to input a rating and include your feedback about the course. Your admin will be able to view the rating and read the feedback you provide in order to improve the course.

Courses can include certification. These courses will be labelled as such. When you complete a course with certification, you will be awarded with a unique PDF certificate by email. The certificate will also be available on your Certificate section in your learning area.

Note, that you can start a course and leave it at any time. You can come back at a later time to continue the course.

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