Single-Sign-On (SSO)

General SSO setup information

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Innform Pro accounts are able to activate SSO and allow their users & admins to connect to Innform via SSO.

Supported SSO connections

Innform supports the following SSO connections:

Attribute Mapping

Innform supports attribute user mapping via SSO.

Required attributes:

E-Mail Address: email

First Name: first_name

Last Name: last_name
Name: name

User Role Mapping

Required User mapping attribute: Role: role

Innform supports the user role mapping for the following user roles:

- Administrator

- Student

Innform recognises the the following descriptors for administrator role: admin, administrator

Innform will recognise any descriptor for the student role as everything besides the administrator descriptors will fall back automatically to the student role.

Note: If you are not enabling user role mapping, all users will automatically be created as students.

User Account Matching

Innform provides an automated mechanism for user account matching. That means that existing Innform user accounts are matched against SSO user accounts based on their Email address.

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