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SSO SAML Setup - Google Workspace (G-Suite) Example
SSO SAML Setup - Google Workspace (G-Suite) Example

How to setup your SAML SSO with Google Workspace.

Written by Bob Foreman
Updated over a week ago

1. Login to Workspace with your Google admin account:

2. On the Dashboard open Apps, select SAML apps

3. Select “Add a custom SAML app”, give it a title and create the new app

4. Now Google will provide you with your IDP data.

5. Open a new browser window and login to Innform with your Super Admin account

6. Visit “Your account settings” > SSO and select SAML

7. Go back to the Google Workspace page and copy the following information to your Innform SSO setup: SSO URL & Certificate

8. Once completed, save the information and click "Create SSO connection"

9. As a next step, input the ACS URL & ENTITY ID in your Google app. This information is provided on your Innform SSO settings page.

10. Next, set the Name ID to “Basic Information > First name”

11. Next, you have to setup the mapping. Create the following:
- Primary Email > email (Mandatory)
- Role > role (Optional; This is required for user permission mapping. Find out more)

- First name > first_name (Mandatory)

- Last name > last_name (Mandatory)

12. Click “Finish” to complete your setup

13. To test your setup, click “Test SAML Login” in your Google app overview page.

14. Congratulations, you have setup your SAML SSO

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