The company settings section includes the following four areas:

1. Employees
The Employee manager allows admins to invite and activate new learners, deactivate or delete them entirely from the system.

2. Admins

The admin manager allows admins to Invite and activate other admins in the control panel, or deactivate or delete them entirely.

Note: Activation, deactivation and deletion of other admins can only be done by admins with the right access privileges. 

3. Account Settings
The account settings section allows admins to configure and customise Innform, options include:

a) General settings: Update company name, your default training language, timezone and the account's primary email.

b) Appearance: Update company logo and brand colours to customise Innform's brand aesthetic and align it with your corporate identity.

c) Integrations: Information on integrating your Innform account with other existing platforms (eg: Facebook, Yammer and Twitter)

4. Billing and Plans
The billing and plans section allows admins to manage billing, plans and update their payment details. Options include:

a) Billing: Details about your plan, total monthly billing to date and plan details. This section also provides information about your billing cycle and ways to update payment details.

b) Plans: Information about all available plans. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan using this section. This section also provides contact information for enterprise customers.

c) Invoices: Access, view or download all your past invoices from one place.

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