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Unlocking Insights: How Admins Can View Survey Results in Innform

Surveys are a powerful tool for gathering feedback and insights from your team members. In Innform, we provide administrators with a seamless way to access and analyze survey results, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement. Let's explore how admins can effortlessly view survey results within the platform.

Accessing Individual Survey Results

To access individual survey results, administrators need to navigate to the Track section in Innform. Within the assignment overview screen, you will find a dedicated section that displays survey results. This includes both anonymous and non-anonymous survey responses, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your team's feedback.

Diving Deeper

Using the Survey Tab Innform further streamlines the survey result viewing experience through the Survey tab. By clicking on this tab, administrators can conveniently filter and focus solely on survey results. This allows for a clearer and more comprehensive analysis of the data, enhancing your understanding of the feedback received.

Unveiling Aggregated Survey Results

For a broader perspective, admins can delve into the aggregated survey results. By clicking on the title of the specific survey, you will gain access to a detailed overview that consolidates the responses from all participants. This consolidated view enables you to identify common trends, patterns, and areas for improvement across your team or organization.

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