How to track attendance of an on-site session
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You have just completed an on-site session with your learners and now you need to record their attendance on Innform?

  1. Select the sub navigation on the on-site training card in the "Create" section

  2. Select "View results"

  3. Mark people as attended, optionally assign results.

Note: The admin creating the on-site training session and the the admin(s) assigning users to the session will receive an automated Email notification at the end of the on-site training session, reminding the admin to record the learners attendance on Innform.

On-site sessions used in Blended Learning

Important: If the on-site session is used within a Blended Learning session, at the end of the on-site session, the learner will be automatically assigned to the next Blended learning element, without the admin marking users as attended.

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