You can update Innform with your company's logo and colours to give you learners an on-brand learning experience.

To update your logo and colours, follow these steps:

1) Go to Account settings by clicking on the menu on the top right of your screen
2) Click on 

3) Start by replacing the Innform logo with your company logo.

There are two logos you will need to upload:
a) A logo on white background
b) A logo on a dark background

The colour of the dark background can be updated later (see step  4

Upload your logo in Jpeg or PNG format.
We recommend the following dimensions: 540px*190px

4) Scroll down to the bottom of the Appearance section to update your colours. You can simply paste the colour codes into the fields as seen below.

The first field will update your Buttons, Links and any Feedback or Success badges seen in the learning area.

The second field will update the page backgrounds. This replaces the Innform grey, such as the grey seen behind courses in the Explore section.

The third field updates the text colour, and footer colour.

You can see a preview of your changes whilst updating the colours.

Once you are happy with your updates, click Save.

Your learners' learning area will now be displayed in your brand colours.

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